Procedures for Western Australia


ICA number Required documents Version Date
ICA 1 Dipping with Dimethoate or Fenthion
Application checklist
8.0 14-02-2013
ICA 2 Flood Spraying with Dimethoate or Fenthion 6.0 14-02-2013
ICA 4 Fumigating with Methyl Bromide 2.1 24-02-2009
ICA 7 Cold Treatment
Application checklist
6.1 02-07-2007
ICA 15 Mature Green Condition of Passionfruit, Tahitian Lime, Black Sapotes and Tomatoes 1.0 17-09-2012
ICA 16 Certification of Mature Green Condition of Bananas
Application checklist
2.0 23-09-2004
ICA 17 Reconsigning Whole or Split Consignments and Transporting of Certified Produce
Application checklist
7.0 12-05-2014
ICA 23 Certification of Area or Property Freedom Based on Monitoring by the Accrediting Authority
Application for area or property freedom
Application checklist
4.0 21-10-2004
ICA 25 Cover spraying of Nursery Stock 4.0 16-08-2007
ICA 26 Pre-harvest Treatment and Post Harvest Inspection of Tomatoes, Capsicums, Chillies and Eggplant 2.0 28-12-2012
ICA 30 Hard Condition of Avocados
Application checklist
7.0 18-06-2013
ICA 38 Inspection of Fruit and Vegetables (Post Harvest), Live Plants, Cut Flowers, and Foliage for Melon Thrips 1.0 29-04-2016
ICA 46 Certification of Area or Property Freedom for Green Snail (2-25km)
Application for area of property freedom
Application checklist
2.0 02-04-2008
ICA 54 Inspection of Used Vehicles and Associated Equipment 1.0 01-03-2006
ICA 60 Inspection of Strawberries for Tomato Potato Psyllid 1.0 21-07-2017
ICA 61 Packhouse Washing of Tomato Potato Psyllid Carrier Produce 1.1 15-08-2017
ICA 62 Treatment and Inspection of Carrier Nursery Stock for Tomato Potato Psyllid 1.0 21-09-2017

Other documents

Western Australia Completion of Plant Health Assurance Certificates

Western Australia ICA application form

Schedule of National ICA Documents (12.09.2017) pdf | Word

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