Procedures for Northern Territory


ICA number Required documents Version Date
NT ICA 1 Dipping with Dimethoate or Fenthion 10.0 18-03-2014
NT ICA 2 Flood Spraying with Dimethoate or Fenthion 10.0 19-03-2014
NT ICA 6 Certification of Hard Green Condition of Bananas 8.0 27-03-2014
NT ICA 8 Mature Green Condition and Immature Green Condition of Papaw and Babaco 3.0 25-03-2014
NT ICA 10 Hot Water Treatment of Mangoes 8.0 25-03-2014
NT ICA 13 Unbroken Skin Condition of Approved Fruits 8.0 21-05-2014
NT ICA 15 Mature Green Condition of Passionfruit, Tahitian Limes and Black Sapotes 5.0 02-05-2013
NT ICA 16 Certification of Mature Green Condition of Bananas 9.0 19-06-2015
NT ICA 19 Treatment and Inspection of Mangoes 18.0 04-06-2014
NT ICA 23 Certification of Area or Property Freedom Based on Monitoring by the Accrediting Authority
Application for area or property freedom
4.0 06-06-2014
NT ICA 26 Pre-harvest Treatment and Post Harvest Inspection of Tomatoes, Capsicums, Chillies and Eggplant 3.0 10-06-2014
NT ICA 29 Treatment of Nursery Stock and Soil-less Media 5.0 10-06-2014
NT ICA 35 Inspection and Treatment of Plants for Spiraling Whitefly 2.0 14-03-2014
NT ICA 38 Inspection of Fruits and Vegetables (Post Harvest), Live Plants, Cut Flowers and Foliage for Melon Thrips
Inspecting harvested fruit and veg for melon thrips
Inspecting of plants for melon thrips
Inspecting cut flowers and foliage for melon thrips
2.0 06-06-2014
NT ICA 54 Inspection of Used Vehicles and Associated Equipment 2.0 07-06-2011

Other documents

Northern Territory Completion of Plant Health Assurance Certificates

Northern Territory ICA application form

Schedule of National ICA Documents (12.09.2017) pdf | Word

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