Procedures for South Australia


ICA number Required documents Version Date
SA ICA 1 Dipping with Dimethoate or Fenthion 1.3 01-05-2005
SA ICA 2 Flood Spraying with Dimethoate or Fenthion 1.1 01-05-2005
SA ICA 4 Fumigating with Methyl Bromide 4.0 25-05-2015
SA ICA 7 Cold Treatment 3.0 26-08-2014
SA ICA 17 Splitting Consignments and Reconsigning Original Consignments of Certified Produce 5.0 30-06-2014
SA ICA 22 Transfer of Grape Must and Fresh Juice from a Phylloxera Infested Zone (PIZ) or Phylloxera Risk Zone (PRZ) for Winemaking in a Phylloxera Free Zone (PEZ) 1.4 28-02-2006
SA ICA 23 Certification of Area or Property Freedom Based on Monitoring by the Accrediting Authority
Application for area or property freedom
1.5 01-06-2011
SA ICA 29 Treatment of Nursery Stock and Soil-less Media 3.0 13-11-2008
SA ICA 32 Movement of Stonefruit from South Australia to Western Australia 2.0 02-09-2013
SA ICA 33 Movement of Wine Grapes 4.0 31-03-2014
SA ICA 37 Hot Water Treatment of Grapevines 2.0 21-08-2009
SA ICA 54 Inspection of Used Vehicles and Associated Equipment 2.0 04-04-2006
SA ICA 56 Emergency Pre-harvest Baiting and Inspection Protocol for Pest Free Areas 1.1 21-01-2012
SA ICA 57 Repacking of Fruit Fly Host Produce 1.0 01-06-2014

Other documents

South Australia Completion of Plant Health Assurance Certificates

South Australia ICA application form

Schedule of National ICA Documents (12.09.2017) pdf | Word

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