There is an enormous range of diseases, pests and weeds that can affect the environment and crop production in Australia.

Some are already present in Australia and may be confined to small areas of the country. Others are yet to arrive on our shores.

Either way, once present they can spread from one part of Australia to another through the movement of fruit, vegetables, plants, flowers, plant products and soil.

The restrictions that are placed on the movement of plants and plant products within and between states and territories of Australia are there to try and prevent the spread of the the major pests shown below.

The spread of environmental pests can have a devastating affect on our unique plants and wildlife.

The introduction of a pest, disease or weed into a production area can result in expensive controls being implemented and in a loss of markets, which can cost industries and the community millions of dollars, jobs and livelihoods.

If you notice any unusual pest or diseases symptoms on plants during your travels, please report it to 1800 084 881 as soon as possible. What you have found could be exotic and potentially damaging to that state or territory or to Australia.