Buying and selling online
Buying and selling online

Buying and selling online

Internet bugs and viruses don’t just damage your computer

Technology is moving at an incredible speed. We are able to communicate and send information instantly. We can also buy almost everything imaginable from the internet. There are web sites that will sell you seed, plant cutting, fruit and vegetables, potting mix and hay just to name a few, saving you time and money.

What the websites may not tell you is that buying these things online from another state or territory presents a considerable risk in introducing pests and disease.

Entry of products into each state and territory is strictly controlled and by buying online and having goods sent interstate you may be breaking the law.

Examples of regulated items

Some examples of regulated articles moving interstate are:

  • South Australia regulates the movement of grape cuttings as the state is free of phylloxera, a pest that can destroy entire vineyards if introduced.
  • NSW and Queensland regulate the movement of fruit and vegetables on account of Mediterranean fruit fly. Control of this pest is costly and time consuming.
  • Tasmania and Western Australia regulate the importation of fruit and vegetables from Queensland fruit fly infested areas. Introduction would negatively effect the ability of these states to provide quality produce at a reasonable price.
  • Victoria regulates wood products on account of European house borer. EBH  as the name suggests bores through and weakens wooden structures including house frames.
  • The Northern Territory regulates the importation of plant and plant parts to stop the introduction of Myrtle rust which infects and damages a range of native trees.

These regulations are in place to reduce the risk of introducing pests and disease and protecting the natural environment and agricultural production areas.

While this may not seem to impact on those not involved in the production of food and food products, an outbreak of an exotic disease or pest is costly to manage and eradicate and the costs are reflected in higher prices at the supermarket check out.

Not everything is regulated so it pays to check before ordering.