30 kg of honey intercepted at WA/SA road checkpoint

Imagine your fruit trees not producing any fruit. How disappointed you’d feel!

Honey is just one of the products that you are not allowed to carry into Western Australia

Now imagine how devastated commercial producers would be if it happened to their crops.

Bringing a product like uncertified honey into WA from other states, which could contain invisible spores of European foulbrood, would not only threaten the bee industry, but also the crops and pastures that bees pollinate.

The Quarantine WA team work hard to screen any items that could be carrying pests and diseases that could hurt WA. Helena at the WA/SA road checkpoint just intercepted 30 kg (!!) of honey during a search this week.

European foulbrood is a disease of honey bees that is notifiable in all states and territories of Australia.

Check the Australian Interstate Quarantine: A Traveller’s Guide to find out what you can and cannot take across state borders in Australia.

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